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About a Girl

The art of Self Destruction

5 August 1970
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I was born in Florence, in the hospital that's right near the English Cemetery.
Does that have to do with my passion for Cemeteries and everything that's English?
P.S. I really suck at writing bios.

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'80s, a perfect circle, aliens, anne rice, aphex twin, arcade fire, art, australia, baths, bauhaus, bdsm, beck, black, black and white photographs, black humour, brendan perry, burne-jones, calvin & hobbes, candles, cccp, cemeteries, champagne, cinema, coldplay, cows, david bowie, david lynch, dead can dance, death, deftones, denmark, depeche mode, dior, doc martens, dogs, douglas coupland, dreaming, duran duran, edward gorey, edward norton, emma peel, england, erzsebet bathory, ewan mcgregor, fight club, film in lingua originale, g.a.p.e., goldfrapp, goth, gothic architecture, highgate cemetery, ian mcewan, ice cream, iggy pop, incense, indian food, interpol, interview with the vampire, jack white, jake gyllenhaal, japan, japanese art, jeff buckley, johnny depp, jon spencer blues explosion, joy division, klimt, københavn, lars von trier, lava lamps, ljmaps, london, lush, magnolia, manet, marilyn manson, massive attack, maynard, memento, micevice, mike patton, miso soup, monty python, motorpsycho, museums, new order, new wave, new york city, nick cave, nightmares, nine inch nails, nirvana, northern line, oscar wilde, paranormal, paul banks, pavement, perfumes, peter greenaway, photography, photoshop, pizza, portishead, preraphaelites, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rain, reading, riget, ryuichi sakamoto, sex, sigur rós, six feet under, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, smiths, sonic youth, strawberry cheesecake, sushi, tattoos, the avengers, the pillow book, the pixies, the police, the smiths, thunderstorms, tim burton, tool, tori amos, travelling, trent reznor, tuxedomoon, twin peaks, vampires, vampirism, velvet, ventolin, weirdness, white wine, winter, writing, x-files, year zero,